My Favorite Cunt

I moved into her 3 bedroom apartment in January, 1990. It was her and another woman. We hit it off famously. Became good friends for the next 2 years. Then, one day, she turned into a fucking lunatic. A raging, spiteful, bitter crackpot. One day, she was an interesting, intelligent, rational person. The next day, a cunt-full of screwed-up, unstable hormones. You're welcome to call me a misogynist--I don't care. She was a cunt. Pure and simple. She screwed me for $250 in utilities. She stole 2 dozen records, including my "Chrome, Smoke & Fire." She tried to keep my security deposit. I never got my records or money. but I did slash her tires and break 2 car windows.

Two months after I moved out, she alienated the new tenant & her last 2 friends, then moved back to her mommy's house in South Jersey. I hear she's gotten real fat. Good. I hope she gets the AIDS and dies a long, drawn-out, painful death.

These are excerpts from the notes she littered around my room. She fancied herself a tortured artist. I'm sure you know a cunt just like her. They're everywhere.

I'd love to publish a photo of the filthy
bitch but I never took a single one.


(Spring, 94)

Fuck The Suburbs. Period.

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My Favorite Cunt

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