Slices of Life

Photo by a drunken
Jeff Koyen, 1987.

It was a pitch black room, no shit; thank god those snappy disc cameras had such an amazing shutter action. The subject is a fellow I knew in school. Damned if I can remember his name, though. He couldn't drink anyway, so as far as losses are concerned, he doesn't register.

Crank fans show their support in this, the first
(and last) reader photo collage. Boy, was this a bad idea...




Glory Days?


Credit Where
Credit is Due

Crank for Iowans


An Overanalysis
of E.T.

An Underanalysis
of Star Trek

More of the Same

D&D Reference

An Overanalysis
of Elvis Films

An Underanalysis
of Elvis Films

Teen Beat

Columbo Worship

Oh, Youth

HOT XXX Centerfold!

The Centerfold That
Actually Ran
When the Fucking
Printers Pussied Out

For the Editor,
A Vacation (of sorts)

Yuck Yuck

Jeesh. Some Ego
This Koyen Guy Has

"Found" Idiocy

Just DON'T
Get Me Started,

Jeff Koyen:

Tips for that
Insanity Plea

Crank Camera

Booze 'n' Medicinals: Watch Out!

Vitamins for Drunks

A Crank Brand
Of Closure

Do it Right!
Like a Man

You Can Forget
Renting THESE

It's the
Small Victories
That Count

You Can Bet
Your Ass I'm Unlisted

My Favorite
Credit Cards

Closing Remarks